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Terms and Conditions

All Canine Cleanup clients and/or users are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All users and/or clients of Canine Cleanup LLC release and forever waive all claims against Canine Cleanup LLC, employees, and affiliates, unless damages and/or injuries resulted solely from the gross negligence Canine Cleanup LLC.

  2. Canine Cleanup LLC and its employees may be required to enter private property to provide our services. Submitting a sign-up form of any kind grants Canine Cleanup LLC and its’ employees permission to access the property listed on the form to fulfill the requested services.

  3. All users that submit a sign-up form or request services to any commercial or residential address, agrees that he/she resides and/or is authorized to initiate our services on the aforementioned property.

  4. Canine Cleanup LLC will contact clients approximately 2 days before any service via email or phone. Please ensure safe and convenient access to your property for service. Be sure to provide gate keys, access codes, or specific instructions before your scheduled service.

  5. Canine Cleanup LLC reserves the right to reschedule any service in the event that a client’s pet is showing aggression to employees. All pets showing aggression must be restrained by the client prior to arrival.

  6. Canine Cleanup LLC uses KennelSol, a pet friendly disinfectant, to prevent the spread of diseases, germs, and bacteria. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Canine Cleanup LLC if their pet has an allergy or any other medical condition that may cause our cleaning products to harm and/or discomfort your pets.

  7. Canine Cleanup LLC makes no claim to be a pet health professional. All health related issues concerning a client’s pet should be brought to the attention of a licensed veterinarian.

  8. Canine Cleanup LLC will not provide time-specific visits for recurring services. Service will be completed on your scheduled service day during our normal hours of operation. Requesting a change in service day may incur additional charges.

  9. Canine Cleanup LLC reserves the right to deny service or terminate service for any reason including but not limited to the following: Dangerous driving or weather conditions, aggressive pets, non-payment, threatening or harmful demeanor of client or other residents.

  10. Clients are advised to notify Canine Cleanup LLC prior to leaving for vacation or trips that may render our services unnecessary.  Canine Cleanup LLC will hold services for a maximum of 60 days or until client notifies management of return.

  11. Termination of services with Canine Cleanup LLC will be accepted via email or phone.

  12. If Canine Cleanup LLC is unable to provide services on a scheduled visit, we will attempt to notify the client via phone or email. We will then reschedule or waive charges accordingly.

  13. Invoices are sent via email and/or mail on the 1st of every month. Services may be suspended if balance is not paid in-full within 15 days of receipt.

  14. All Canine Cleanup LLC clients are expected to maintain the length of their grass, weeds, and plants to allow our staff to remove pet waste in an efficient and effective manner. Please also remove any/all debris, leaves, or any other obstructions that may hinder our employees from providing our services.

  15. Clients will maintain accurate and proper vaccination records for any domesticated animal on property. Clients are expected to provide proof of these records if requested, or in the event of a dog bite/attack of any Canine Cleanup LLC employee.

  16. All users that register for any Canine Cleanup LLC service may be contacted via phone or email provided on sign-up forms. Text messaging and data rates may apply.

  17. Clients are advised to notify Canine Cleanup LLC management within 10 days in the event of an increase or decrease in the number of pets in the household. Adjustments to billing will be effective immediately.

  18. Clients will accurately complete sign-up/registration forms to the best of their knowledge. Canine Cleanup LLC reserves the right to terminate service if information including property size and the number of pets is deemed inaccurate.

  19. Per-visit pricing (listed on our website) is our base rates for property sizes up to a 1/4 (.25) acre. Clients are advised to request a custom quote for properties exceeding 1/4 acre.

  20. A surcharge to our base price may be added if diarrhea or loose stool is required to be removed, at the discretion of Canine Cleanup LLC management.

  21. All PrePay and save packages are non-refundable.

  22. If Canine Cleanup LLC is unable to complete services due to circumstances beyond our control, i.e. heavy rain, snow, thunder/lightning storms, hurricane, locked gates, obstructed entry, etc., your monthly bill may be adjusted at the sole discretion of Canine Cleanup LLC management.

  23. The user acknowledges and accepts the use cookies to provide the best user experience for our website.

  24.  Canine Cleanup LLC reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy and terms and conditions at any time. It is solely the user’s responsibility to review our terms and conditions to stay up to date with current policies.

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